"There’s not a casino in North, Central or South America, Europe, Japan, Singapore or Dubai that doesn’t have my picture on file and that I haven’t been thrown out of. Between 1985 and 1998 I made over twelve million dollars by playing twenty-one – blackjack - in casinos. In 1989, I had my nose broken and three ribs cracked in the back room of a Las Vegas casino, whose name I can’t mention due to the terms of a settled lawsuit. By 1993, after I couldn’t find a casino that couldn’t spot me within ninety seconds of playing, I got a nose job, grew a beard and intentionally put on forty pounds - that I haven’t been able to since shed - to disguise myself. That worked for only about two months, but I cleared over one million dollars in October of 1993 alone. “In 1999 I wrote my first book - Hookers, Heroin and Hard-cash on the House - the Lazy Man’s Guide to Blackjack Riches. By the time the book hit the shelves I had burned through all my winnings. The week the book was published, I was featured on ABC’s 20/20 with John Stossel. Someone from Internal Revenue must have been watching. I hadn’t filed a tax return in almost twenty years. Long story short, two months ago, after doing five years with Irwin Schiff as a guest of the government at the Fort Worth Federal Corrections Institute, I got out. Now, I’m back and I’m ready to go to war with the real criminals - the so-called legal casinos.”