Bourbon Billy a novel

by Ted Fiolek


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Real Estate Tycoon

   Branch approached Willie and asked if he could stay on as a tenant in the downstairs unit after Willie purchased the foreclosed home from Subprime Financial, and Willie gladly agreed. When he didn’t have his rent money the day after Willie closed on the property, Branch explained “It’s been so long since I’ve paid rent or a mortgage, I forgot to put it in my budget."  A month later the first mortgage bill for the three-family Amboy house arrived in Willie’s mail. He had the house fully rented, but was without a single paying tenant. Without a dime in rental income, Willie viewed the mortgage bill from Ohio Lending & Spending like a piece of junk mail.

Willie never collected a penny of rent nor paid a dime in mortgage payments to Ohio Lending & Spending, who financed the rental property . . .

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