A wealthy widow in town, probably senile and with no family, left her entire estate to the Rumson House for the Homeless. Only, there was no Rumson House for the Homeless. So, a foundation was created and this building was built with the money from the estate. But they couldn’t find any homeless people in Rumson. Now they’ve got this big place built with no one to use it and, worse, between construction costs and director salaries, there was no more money. So, they applied for federal funding, which they receive to maintain the place, but it’s contingent on them actually having homeless people here. For a while they were busing in poor people from Asbury Park, but they grew tired of the stale food. Besides, the economy’s so robust, even around Asbury there’s more openings than applicants, so the businesses are hiring the homeless now for room and board. They work for free all day and just let them sleep overnight when the businesses are closed.

The Rumson House for the Homeless